Local intelligent manufacturing



Local intelligent manufacturing, worry free production capacity. At this exhibition, 100% of the high and low voltage connection products displayed by TE are produced locally, reflecting the high level of production and operation, structural design, capacity configuration, process management, and other aspects of the TE Automotive Business Unit’s China team. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, TE Automotive’s Chinese factory can provide production solutions with high timeliness, high energy efficiency, high agility, high iteration efficiency, and high cost-effectiveness, empowering the local market with local intelligent manufacturing. At present, TE’s intelligent manufacturing factory has been equipped with new technologies and concepts such as intelligent three-dimensional warehouse projects, AGV unmanned delivery projects, intelligent data collection projects, smart factory platform systems, and artificial intelligence anti dazzle projects. By collaborating with more advanced operation and management technologies, it can more effectively support the rapid development of China’s automotive industry. In terms of production capacity, TE Automotive Business Unit has always been committed to serving customers with the basic commitment of “ensuring supply and worry free production capacity”. As of June 2023, TE Automotive Division has 5+1 factories in China, of which 5 have been opened and put into operation, and 1 is about to start construction. The TE Automotive Division has 6200 employees in China and has cultivated a group of elite teams consisting of 100% Chinese local teams, from management to frontline R&D and manufacturing personnel, over the course of 30 years of development. It has achieved 100% localization of its core process and manufacturing capabilities, including mold processing, stamping, electroplating, injection molding, equipment processing, and assembly in China.

Post time: Jul-15-2023