Connector? Select Tuokang Precision Electronics

In recent years, optical fiber connectors, USB2.0 high-speed connectors, wired broadband connectors and micro pitch connectors are increasingly used in various portable/wireless electronic devices, and even higher speed USB3.0 has appeared in the market. Therefore, the market application hotspot of connectors is also changing. For example, global enterprises and markets are becoming more and more electronic, while the Chinese government has invested heavily in such fields as the integration of three networks, smart grid, automobile and rail transit in the context of the financial crisis. It can be seen that the market has increasingly high requirements for high-speed interconnection and current withstand of connectors;

From the perspective of consumer electronics, applications similar to Internet TV are hot. They involve many antenna applications. TV system manufacturers need to set antennas in a very small space. Therefore, the miniaturization and energy-saving of connectors must be the important trend of their development in the household appliance industry; The complex body control, remote communication and other functions in the automotive electronic system also challenge the miniaturization, intelligence, environmental protection and high reliability of the connector.

Tuokang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and integrated R&D, production and sales as a high-tech core company. Company was located in Jiangsu province Suzhou Wuzhong District and we are established another subsidiary company named Tuokang which located in Hubei province in 2010 in order to expand our connector and cable assembly growing business.

Company reqistered their own product brand name - Tuokang and also successful filed several different type of connector's patents in China.

Company core business is connector, cable assembly & also provide excellent technical service like product & process design & development which cover up wide range of product from I/O interface, industrial connector to signal wire cable assembly, power supply wire hardness & solar wire harness, etc.

Post time: Aug-21-2022