Charge Your Light Anywhere with 12V Plug-in Power Receptacle from Light & Motion

Tuokang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., a high-tech company founded in 2009 and integrated R&D, production and sales, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the Light & Motion. This device has been designed for convenience on location with an easy charging option via a vehicle’s 12V plug-in power receptacle.

The Light & Motion is an innovative product that provides users with superior lighting solutions when they are away from home or office. It is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, providing bright illumination even in dark places. The device itself boasts multiple adjustable settings such as brightness levels, color temperature selection and timer functions so users can easily customize their own user profiles according to their needs. Additionally, it features built-in protection systems which prevent overcharging or short circuits due to any unexpected events during use.

In terms of convenience of charging this device anytime anywhere, Tuokang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Light & Motion takes advantage of vehicles’ power supply system by incorporating smart technology into its design which automatically detects if the car’s engine is running or not before attempting recharge from the available sockets inside the car / van / truck etc.. Moreover, there are additional protections embedded into this feature to ensure safe operation at all times regardless of whether you’re driving your car or simply parked nearby for some time before continuing your journey again.

This new product offers great potential as it could be used by anyone who requires light while on-location without having access to traditional electricity sources such as mains power outlets but still have a vehicle handy nearby – saving them time looking for alternative options like generators etc.. In addition to this benefit there are also cost savings associated with using Light & Motion instead since no extra fuel would need to be purchased just for powering portable lighting equipment – making it even more attractive proposition overall!

Overall Tuokang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.’s new solution -Light & Motion – brings unprecedented convenience along with reliable performance when needed most; being able to charge directly from a vehicle’s 12V plug-in power receptacle serving as ultimate solution either indoor or outdoor locations where conventional electricity supply might not exist at all times

Post time: Mar-01-2023